I’m trying to record a new song. Why won’t it work?


Jeremy left this morning to go to California yet again. I was looking forward to having the house to myself, but after having him around for the last three weeks non-stop, I was lonely when I got home. I miss him already.


Today we went out to look at cars this morning. We went to seven or eight dealerships, and it was incredibly draining. We ran into a really bad salesman that had a frightening blond mullet, cowboy boots, and an open white denim shirt. He was hovering over me and I couldn’t deal with it.

More Money

I found out today that I will be starting full time soon. It may not be soon enough, but I have a definite date of August 30th. They want me to continue teaching academics in the afternoon, and to start computer instruction in the mornings when I go full time. I picked up an extraContinue reading “More Money”


We went to Marianne’s tonight for a barbeque, which was nice. I enjoy having other people cook for me. I also enjoyed the free BTs. Jeremy and I helped to clean the pool so I think we are all even.


I woke up this morning and still thought it was the weekend. I was terribly disappointed when I realized that I had to return to work today. I’ve only worked at TriArc for a week, and I already do not look forward to going. I’m unsure why, as I do enjoy being there, and enjoyContinue reading “Tuesday”


I can’t believe that it is August already. I had many things I wanted to do this summer that I never got around to. I guess there is always next year if it doesn’t happen soon.


It’s another overcast day, where it’s not sunny but not cloudy. It’s gross.

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