I’m sitting here listening to the Hedwig And The Angry Inch soundtrack. I should probably be doing something more industrious like cleaning or something, but fuck it… I want a day off.


At work today I was explaining a math problem to one of my students, when suddenly it felt like someone stabbed me in the top of the head. I had to sit down, and even though I don’t generally take asprin or anything like that, I took a tylenol from one of my students. TheContinue reading “Stroke?”

night time

I went to a wedding shower after work for a girl I didn’t even really know. It was nice though to get out of the house and mix with some new people. Some of the people I work with are pretty cool, so I’m hoping that I may finally have some Durham friends.

Good News/Bad News

~Good News~


I’ve been really busy over the last week or so with work. I never thought that teaching people would be so incredibly draining. I guess it’s not really the teaching or the material specifically, but the people I am teaching. I’m getting tired of the individuals who are basically just filling a seat so theyContinue reading “Busy”