A Whole Year

It’s been almost a whole year since I’ve last posted. Of course I’ve been too busy to post, or at least that what I’d like to believe. Here’s what happened:


Today on my way home from lunch I had a very strange experience. I was walking down Dundas St. and a teenager from the nearby high school ran across the street at me. Of course he asked me for a cigarette, to which I declined. He then tried to sell me Coldplay tickets, to whichContinue reading “Weirdness”

Where have I been?

Hey everyone, I’ve been on vacation from LiveJournal, I guess for a whole year now. Well same job, same house, different situation. Jeremy has moved to California, and I’ve been alone since Christmas. Such is life.

soul in limbo

I’m pretty angry right now, upset at myself and another, possibly for no reason.


Nothing is going right. My phone hasn’t worked since Friday night. This is the third time in three weeks that it has cut out on its own. It always comes back on its own, but this is the longest time its been. Of course the other times, Jeremy was here and we were able toContinue reading “Blah”


I’m sitting here listening to the Hedwig And The Angry Inch soundtrack. I should probably be doing something more industrious like cleaning or something, but fuck it… I want a day off.


At work today I was explaining a math problem to one of my students, when suddenly it felt like someone stabbed me in the top of the head. I had to sit down, and even though I don’t generally take asprin or anything like that, I took a tylenol from one of my students. TheContinue reading “Stroke?”

night time

I went to a wedding shower after work for a girl I didn’t even really know. It was nice though to get out of the house and mix with some new people. Some of the people I work with are pretty cool, so I’m hoping that I may finally have some Durham friends.

Good News/Bad News

~Good News~


I’ve been really busy over the last week or so with work. I never thought that teaching people would be so incredibly draining. I guess it’s not really the teaching or the material specifically, but the people I am teaching. I’m getting tired of the individuals who are basically just filling a seat so theyContinue reading “Busy”

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