Download ‘Empathetic Viscera’ Free

Empathetic Viscera is a snapshot of the modern Canadian experience. Richtig sees this period of Canadian history as the search for ourselves. The modern Canada is in the process of incorporating traditions and peoples from around the world (DNA Speaks, Sameness Is A Myth), understanding and appreciating our environment (Boreal Forest, The St. Mary’s), and the disconnection from colonial Eurocentric ideology (The Search For God, The Chordates, Chemical Taste).

Free Download: Flux

Kyle Richtig has made available his 2008 chapbook Flux for free download.

Download Bawahting: Sault Ste. Marie for Free

Bawahting: Sault Ste. Marie is a new poem by Kyle Richtig, released August 2015.

True Stories of 30 Somethings

Nearly 15 years ago, like many friends do, my friends and I decided that we would meet up again in 2010.  I was 18, and the though of 2010 – let alone being in my 30s – seemed like a far off dream.  In fact, I was still waiting to party like it was 1999.

Goodbye Rose-coloured Glasses.

I guess that the nearly ten years I spent living in Southern Ontario allowed me to romanticize who and what Sault Ste. Marie is.  This is not to say that all my illusions have been dismissed, but certainly some have.