Polyamorist: Paul’s Story

Was I born a polyamorist? That I don’t know. What I do know is that it came relatively naturally to me. I was born a decade after the sexual revolution of the 1960s which meant that I was born into a world at a time where sexual freedom had made its way into the mainstream.

Room For One More: Polyamory in Television

In recent years, polyamory has found its way onto television. Spanning genres, polyamory has found a home on several of today’s biggest shows. Has polyamory become a funny addition, or just more relatable as time marches on?

Polyamory in a Conservative World

Polyamory is a challenging concept for the world at large to accept in its present paradigm. In Canada, we are afford a great deal of latitude with regards to relationships, sexual orientation and household residents. With the ongoing fascist backlash with regard to Muslims, one wonders if the world is heading into a next generationContinue reading “Polyamory in a Conservative World”

Poly Personality Update III

This is the most recent update for the Polyamory Personality Survey.  When I began this survey, I expected a greater percentage of the respondents would be Sensory Perceivers. So far, they are lagging behind in the polls. We invite all polyamorous people to complete the survey and send us your results. More information about yourContinue reading “Poly Personality Update III”