The Story Behind Kaintophobia Amongst the Arachnids

Since I released The Sun On My Palm, I have had several people ask me the story behind the poem, Kaintophobia Amongst the Arachnids. Here it is, for those with querying lips…

Download ‘Empathetic Viscera’ Free

Empathetic Viscera is a snapshot of the modern Canadian experience. Richtig sees this period of Canadian history as the search for ourselves. The modern Canada is in the process of incorporating traditions and peoples from around the world (DNA Speaks, Sameness Is A Myth), understanding and appreciating our environment (Boreal Forest, The St. Mary’s), and the disconnection from colonial Eurocentric ideology (The Search For God, The Chordates, Chemical Taste).

Theologians Baffled by Prophetic Image in 2015’s Final Days

Peterborough, ON – Theologians from around the world have been flocking to a small city in Ontario to see the latest prophetic image to appear. The image of Betty White mysteriously developed in the early evening of December 27th, 2015. 


Algonquin is a painting done by Kyle Richtig with acrylic on wood.

If Flowers Had Mothers

Information on the painting ‘If Flowers Had Mothers’ by Kyle Richtig.

The Insight Snail Pays a Visit

The Insight Snail is a painting done by Kyle Richtig in 2012. This is a short explanation of the painting.

Download ‘The Time of Forests’ Free

The Time of Forests is a new chapbook by Kyle Richtig, released June 2015.

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