Polyamory and Personality Type

I want to do a study on Personality Type and polyamorous people. For years I have been performing personality workshops. I have a feeling there are several personality types that would gravitate toward or away from polyamory. Let’s find out if I am right or wrong!

Polyamory: Finding Role Models

It is difficult for our triad to find role models. I wouldn’t say that we have struck a real quest to find others to look up to; however, I feel that most people gravitate toward those they find similar. For example, I am always on the look out for other triads, trios or what-have-you, inContinue reading “Polyamory: Finding Role Models”

Thanksgiving Traditions

Yesterday night CBC_Aboriginal tweeted out: “@CBC_AboriginalDo you opt out celebrating Thanksgiving? Share your stories. http://t.co/iZI7ZSA1OY @CBC_Aboriginal @CBCManitoba” I do not boycott Thanksgiving. In the same respect, I do not buy into the Pilgrim version of Thanksgiving. I did not live in a region with wild turkeys, and thus Turkey was something we ate, not somethingContinue reading “Thanksgiving Traditions”

Kyle 2014 Richtig

It seems like a lifetime has passed since I have written personally. I spend so much time writing essays about historical places and people, I tend to forget the present I am in.

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