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Tag: November 2014

3 Men 1 House

Poly Personality Update

I started this survey less than a month ago, and the information that is coming in is starting to form an interesting pattern. We are still interested in gathering as […]

At Work With Poly Partners

Not too long ago all three of us were working at the same place, mostly because it made the most sense in terms of accessibility and pay. This arrangement, however, […]

T.V. Review

Polyamory & American Horror Story Murder House

American Horror Story Season 1, known as ‘Murder House’, features a cast of characters tormented by their decisions in life. Watching this show again now in a polyamorous relationship, I […]


Polyamory in Children of the Mountain

The Children of the Mountain series (currently two books, with a promised third in the works) written by Kyle Richtig focuses on the human survivors of a future environmental collapse. […]

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