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Richtig Haus Music Reviews

Alice Merton: Mint

German Canadian artist Alice Merton‘s first full length album “Mint” was released as a follow up to 2018’s No Roots EP. Merton’s release has immediately made its mark on Canadian […]

Richtig Haus Music Reviews

Cyndi Lauper: She’s So Unusual

Cyndi Lauper’s debut solo album She’s So Unusual changed the way many of us thought about music. It quickly became one of the most iconic albums of the 1980s.

Second Son Released!

Kyle Richtig is happy to announce his new album Second Son! The new album features his songs Daisies & Roses and Runaway, which has been enjoying success since the end […]

Richtig Haus Music Reviews

Moby: Play

Moby’s album Play has the dubious honour of being successful due to its licensing, rather than from radio exposure. This approach allowed the album to penetrate the background of culture […]

Richtig Haus Music Reviews

Culture Club: Colour By Numbers

I was introduced to Colour By Numbers in 1983 by my mother. It was of course her record; however, all that we do affects our children. Boy George and Culture […]

Richtig Haus Music Reviews

Top 100 Albums of All Time

A look at the top 100 albums that influenced Kyle Richtig. Some influenced him to look deeper into the artist, while some influenced him to look deeper into himself.

3 Men 1 House

Free Download: Zwei Liebes

I came across this song the other day while cleaning up my music library. This song was based off a poem I wrote in 1995 about a polymorous relationship I […]

Richtig Haus Music Reviews

The Recroom: Wake Up The City

The Recroom seemed to be one of the hidden jewels of Canadian music. There was a vacuum left by the disbandment of The Organ, that The Recroom comfortably fit in […]

Richtig Haus Music Reviews

Junior Pantherz: Rejoice Remain

When I first heard Rejoice, Remain I was floored. Perhaps it is because of the high doses of “radio crack” that I am inundated with on a daily basis. Perhaps […]

Kyle Richtig Journal

More Money

I found out today that I will be starting full time soon. It may not be soon enough, but I have a definite date of August 30th. They want me […]

Kyle Richtig Journal


We went to Marianne’s tonight for a barbeque, which was nice. I enjoy having other people cook for me. I also enjoyed the free BTs. Jeremy and I helped to […]

Kyle Richtig Journal


I woke up this morning and still thought it was the weekend. I was terribly disappointed when I realized that I had to return to work today. I’ve only worked […]

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