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The Job Search Guy

Minimizing Termination in Interviews

Termination from employment is often shocking to employees, and creates its own set of personal issues. Beyond the personal ramifications, termination can also shed a poor light on an interview. Depending on the circumstances and length of service, loss of references and recommendations can be devastating.

The Job Search Guy

Making a First Impression

Before any interviewer has had a chance to ask any questions, they have already made judgements toward your suitability for their environment. By being mindful of your first impression, you can use it to your advantage!

The Job Search Guy

How to Apply for Jobs in Canada

There are several major ways individuals secure employment in Canada. Interviews are customary for interviewers to select the right candidate. How one secures an interview with an organization may be different for every opportunity.

The Job Search Guy

Be the Expert!

Information about understanding your employment sector before embarking on a career and to build on an existing career.