Categorizing Your Skills

When working on résumés and cover letters, most individuals find it difficult to categorize the skills they have acquired. Appropriate skills to add to a résumé can come from a variety of sources – paid employment, volunteering and even hobbies can provide excellent skill base opportunities. Employers look for a variety of skills, and typically want a moreContinue reading “Categorizing Your Skills”

Are You Doing All You Can In Your Job Search?

There is a common misconception that many unemployed people do not want to work, or that they are waiting for THE PERFECT JOB to fall into their laps. The reality is, many Canadians are currently seeking employment – and most are doing what they can to find it. In today’s employment climate, one needs to ensureContinue reading “Are You Doing All You Can In Your Job Search?”

A Roll of the Dice – Changing Careers

Changing careers can be a stressful event for a variety of reasons. One may not have a choice in their job change because of downsizing, or their industry becoming obsolete. One may no longer be able to continue in their industry because of an accident or health reasons. The reality is, that most of us will have toContinue reading “A Roll of the Dice – Changing Careers”

Minimizing Termination in Interviews

Termination from employment is often shocking to employees, and creates its own set of personal issues. Beyond the personal ramifications, termination can also shed a poor light on an interview. Depending on the circumstances and length of service, loss of references and recommendations can be devastating.

Making a First Impression

Before any interviewer has had a chance to ask any questions, they have already made judgements toward your suitability for their environment. By being mindful of your first impression, you can use it to your advantage!

How to Apply for Jobs in Canada

There are several major ways individuals secure employment in Canada. Interviews are customary for interviewers to select the right candidate. How one secures an interview with an organization may be different for every opportunity.

Not Following in the Steps of Dad

I enjoy uncovering the motivation behind why people choose the career paths they do. Some choose careers in their passion. Some choose careers because they believe that is where the money is. Many young men told me that they had chosen their career goals based on what their father had done during their lifetime.

Be the Expert!

Information about understanding your employment sector before embarking on a career and to build on an existing career.

Interviews with Personality Assessments

Employers today understand that the “fit” of an individual in their environment is as important as the skills they bring to the table. The personality of new employees can either enhance or hinder the existing employment environment, thus more employers utilize personality related questions and exercises to determine the viability of the candidate in theirContinue reading “Interviews with Personality Assessments”

Guerrilla Job Search

Résumés, cover letters and references are all standard items utilized in job search. Many people, once they have created these documents, believe that their work is done, and that the documents will sell themselves. While this is often true for individuals who have strong résumés and experience, it is not the case for everyone. ThisContinue reading “Guerrilla Job Search”

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