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On Writing: Chalkboard

I didn’t know where I was going when I started writing “Chalkboard”. I wanted to write a story that was a mashup of something like Silence of the Lambs meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I have always been fascinated with these movies, as they are both about human predators. In both instances the main villain, (Hannibal…
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Jolivia and Olel

Jolivia reluctantly descended the stairs not wanting to whip Olel up into a frenzy. Olel danced around in joy as Jolivia drew closer. Olel had spent days in the field collecting special items for the surprise. It had been difficult to sneak each item in, but Olel was used to creeping around unseen. Olel was known to stalk the dark streets of Sault Ste. Marie searching for items.

Fictitious News

Three’s Company Star Power Deemed Not Helpful

A thirty-five year old debate still wages in small town Ontario. In 1980, the residents of Slopsey’s Glen were determined to put their sleepy town on the map. After several community meetings on how to best leverage the town’s marketing, it was unanimously voted that the town should change its name to be more competitive.

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