The Dark Geyser

This poem was written thanks to the inspiration brought forth by The Alcheist’s Studio‘s August Name That Vase contest. I was caught the moment I read that the theme for this month was “the myth of family’.

The Poly Life App

I was very excited when I first read about the availability of The Poly Life app. I have been searching for a software that might be able to accommodate the needs of our family, so that we could coordinate calendars, to do’s etc. We have been using a shared Google calendar for some time now,Continue reading “The Poly Life App”

Who’s Daddy?

We all have complicated relationships with our parents. I believe, however, homosexual individuals often have greater difficulty identifying with their same sex parent. In a way, the same sex parent serves as a reminder of the same sex heterosexual individuals we can not fully identify with. Though I am not a psychologist by any manner,Continue reading “Who’s Daddy?”