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Fictitious News
Kyle Richtig Journal

5 Reasons NOT to Wear Cuff-links

Many people ask me what type of event is cuff-link appropriate. My answer is usually, “try thinking about when they are inappropriate, and do the opposite”; however, I thought I […]

Fictitious News

Canadians Change the Meaning of Victoria Day

Canada’s Victoria Day (known colloquially as May 2-4) celebrations were marked with a wave of change. The holiday, traditionally positioned to mark Queen Victoria’s birthday, has been the subject of […]

Fictitious News

Oprah Winfrey to Buy Hot Air Balloon

In a sad twist of events America’s sweetheart Oprah Winfrey has been diagnosed with reverse acrophobia. Acrophobia is the irrational fear of heights. Unfortunately for Winfrey, she fears being to […]

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