Prank Monkey #35

Point flaws out to perfectionists.

Bat For Lashes Confesses “Laura” Origins

Bat For Lashes’ song “Laura” is used for haunting moments in television. Known for its raw emotion, the song was used during Australia’s hit TV show Wentworth following the death of the main character. This was the last song written by Bat For Lashes’ singer/songwriter Natasha Khan for the album. She reluctantly recorded it having grown tired of writing piano ballads.

Prank Monkey #33

Always steal the whiteboard markers.

Prank Monkey #32

Change the default printer on a target’s computer to one in a public space.

Prank Monkey #31

Add sand to keyboards.

Prank Monkey #30

Unplug the telephones.

Prank Monkey #29

Unplug peripherals.

Prank Monkey #28

Where possible, change light bulb colours.

Prank Monkey #27

Pour tuna water on a carpeted area near a heating vent.

Prank Monkey #26

Bring in free bran muffins with chocolate chip topping and dried fruit inside.

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