Wentworth vs. Prisoner: Bea Smith

Wentworth is the highly successful modern adaptation of Australia’s 70s/80s cult classic Prisoner. In both series, Bea makes an impressive splash in both shows – but as fairly different characters. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT

Wentworth Season 7 Finale: Who Dies, Who Survives

A look at the wrap of of Season 7 The Siege (PT 1 +2). What could this mean for the future of Wentworth? Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Wentworth: The Musical (2018)

The world’s favourite prison is debuting on the big screen in the fall of 2018. Wentworth: The Musical already has critics speculating about which of the ever changing cast will make the cut. The list is surprising.

Wentworth: The Many Deaths of Joan Ferguson

Disgraced former Governor of Wentworth Joan Ferguson is a villain people love to hate. From her appearance at the beginning of Season 2, Joan is an exquisitely calculated character. The cliffhanger of Season 5 leaves us wondering whether or not she is gone for good.

Wentworth Season 5: Life Without Bea Smith

Fans of Wentworth (who had not seen the original series) were shocked when Season 5 revealed that Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) did indeed die at the end of Season 4. Many, like myself, believed that the Season 4 cliffhanger would result in a miraculous recovery in the first episode of Season 5. This, of course,Continue reading “Wentworth Season 5: Life Without Bea Smith”