America, Great Again

Sometimes it takes very little to make a statement. It can be falsehoods or truth. It can just be a few strokes.

She Who Seeks the Light

She Who Seeks the Light is a painting by Kyle Richtig from approximately 2001, (acrylic on canvas).

Balance Act

I’m balancing on a wire suspended between two bridges. Far below, the canopy of ocean with its welcoming embrace waits, choked with plastic and wasted expectations.

Top 10 Posts of 2015

Our readers’ favourite posts from 2015.

Devils and Angels

I’m taken to the absense of honour Taking with me the shrouded truth The sweltering of tongues spoken In forums of devils and angels Waging war with number 2 pencils A poetics of diversity silenced Decicively. Pompously. Violently.


We are making the wampum, my son Like our grandfathers did History woven through connection Of minds and fabrics And fabrics of minds The world of the people In an offering of peace


Like most of my art, Woman, started as something and ended as another. I had planned to sketch a person with a humourous bubble above. Instead, it became somewhat of a feminine statement for myself. A synthesis of what I thought of as feminine.

Spend a Lifetime Completing

There is an on-going discrepancy in the Western World regarding what our real issues are. Religious groups demonize each other, leaders wield economic weapons of life and death and mass media points out our perceived imperfections all in the hopes of distracting us.

Lion Jesus

Sometimes when I am drawing, I never know what I am going to end up with.


Doodle about the relationship between the employer and employee.

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