Like most of my art, Woman, started as something and ended as another. I had planned to sketch a person with a humourous bubble above. Instead, it became somewhat of a feminine statement for myself. A synthesis of what I thought of as feminine.

5 Revitalized Horror Franchises of the New Millennium

For horror fans that cut their teeth on the horror franchises of the 1980s, a slew of reimagined movies were released in the new millennium. Whether or not these movies were meant to illicit new fans, and/or to bring back lost fans to the fold, these new horror movies are becoming the classics of aContinue reading “5 Revitalized Horror Franchises of the New Millennium”

The Horror Movies of Scream Queen Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris has had a varied career on both television and the big screen. She began her twisty trail of horror films with the release of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. Halloween 4 was released when Harris was only 11 years old.

5 Great Post-Apocalyptic Movies from the New Millennium

The years following 2000 are fraught with post-apocalyptic films. Perhaps this is reactionary to the promised catastrophe of Y2K that never surfaced. Perhaps the Great Eastern Blackout of 2003 inspired filmmakers. Here are 5 unique examples of the genre:

A Whole Year

It’s been almost a whole year since I’ve last posted. Of course I’ve been too busy to post, or at least that what I’d like to believe. Here’s what happened: