The Path of Sacred Roots

Over the past six months, I’ve been working on a new business amongst the stress of moving to a new province. With the power (and sometimes confines) of Etsy, we now have a platform for which to launch.

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Testing New Products!

Sacred Roots has completed its move to Moncton, and is now in production mode! We are now testing new scent recipes for candles and soaps.

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Cyndi Lauper: She’s So Unusual

Cyndi Lauper’s debut solo album She’s So Unusual changed the way many of us thought about music. It quickly became one of the most iconic albums of the 1980s.

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3 Men Meet 3 Men

We recently left the confines of our lives in Ontario to pursue a new path in New Brunswick. We were ready to move into a 2900 square foot home; we had no idea that it would offer us our first meeting of another polyamorous triad.

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Prank Monkey #33

Always steal the whiteboard markers.

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Prank Monkey #32

Change the default printer on a target’s computer to one in a public space.

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Second Son Released!

Kyle Richtig is happy to announce his new album Second Son! The new album features his songs Daisies & Roses and Runaway, which has been enjoying success since the end of last year. Second Son is Richtig’s first album since 2016’s Technological Advances.

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Prank Monkey #31

Add sand to keyboards.

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Prank Monkey #30

Unplug the telephones.

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Creating Your Own Opportunities

In any economic climate, the labour market can be a challenging arena to break into. It can also be defeating if one listens to the negativity of other job seekers. Often individuals will claim that there are no jobs, or, that it is impossible to secure employment unless a relation works in the industry. While it is true that it is helpful to have someone to speak on your behalf, one has to rely on themselves to be the best employable worker. That said, the way one views employment can be a bigger issue than the amount of jobs available.

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