Driver’s Test

I hauled my ass over to Oshawa today to take my driver’s test… yes, 11 years after I have been able to. You would think that after 27 years of watching people drive, I would have known all the answers to their inane questions, but of course no. I scored perfect on my sign knowledge, which of course isn’t really that hard, since they are more or less self explanatory. On the road rules portion, i scored 15/20, one short of passing the test. Well fuck me. I can take the test again tomorrow, and it will only cost me $10, so I guess I’ll be reading up on the stupid rules.

I walked home from the testing place, which took about an hour ish. I probably didn’t make a great decision with that, as I thought I was going to pass out in the 30 degree sunlight.

Only three sleeps until we are in the Soo.


I finally received an e-mail back from Andrew. I had initially thought that he was blowing me off, but, apparently he must not check or respond to his e-mails often. I don’t know how he could do this – of course I have no life at the moment.

He asked me to send him one of my songs, so I sent him a copy of Insect Black Vinyl Halo Teaches Me, but I rerecorded it as I had changed it a bit. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about it, as people don’t usually have much to say about my songs. Of course this makes me feel like they are terrible, and they are trying to be nice. Since Andrew has no cause to worry about my feelings, I’m assuming I will get some feedback… that may or may not be a crushing blow.

Kate Mitchell sent me a picture of Liam yesterday, and I can’t believe how hot he is. Granted he was incredibly hot when we were in high school, but of course you always hope that those who didn’t sleep with you look terrible now. Unfortunately, Liam is even hotter than he was before, and of course I get nothing.


Well, I’ve been trying my hardest to convince K8 Mitchell to move down here to Whitby and live with me after Jeremy leaves. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that she’ll come down, as, the possibility of her moving down here is what’s keeping me going right now. With the prospect of being completely alone here in Whitby, it would be so much more comforting to have her here. In fact, at this point I can’t imagine anyone else that I would want to live with.

I’ve decided that I WILL go to get my G1 on Monday as instructed by Mr. Scheffee. I don’t know why I am filled with fear by the prospect of taking the test, but I am. I am also ready to get it I think, as I’ve waited eleven years since I was 16 to go. I guess if K8 does move here I will be able to buy a car. As I have been a loser and waited so long to get my license, I will need someone who has a license to drive around with at first. I wonder if she would mind if I got a car, and needed her to help me learn?

It’s fucking hot here today, and I wish I could turn the humidity down a bit. Having grown up without humidity, I do not enjoy it at all.

Time to watch some T.V. and pretend my husband isn’t moving to a coast far far away.


It looks like Jeremy will be moving to California for sure now. He’ll be making really good money, but it’s going to be difficult for me living here alone. I guess I’m going to have to try harder to make some friends. Of course it is only more difficult because I do not drive. It appears that I’m going to have to go and get my license soon.

We have to decide/find out now when Jeremy will be going. He is coming back on Tuesday, and then has almost three weeks off. He is suppose to go back to California right after that, and he’s not sure if he’s just going to stay there in August, or come home for a bit and move in September. Regardless, I’m going to drive down with him when he goes, which should be fun, but will be even more difficult to say good-bye.

I might have to find a roommate, as I don’t think I’ll want to be here all alone in such a large house.

I miss him already.


I just saw this link on grooveadam’s lj. Visit it or die!

Good News

I received a call this morning with the first good news I’ve heard in a long time. I have an interview at a company called TriArch Educational Services . They do training for adults who are completing their high school diplomas as well as people who want to upgrade their skills. They were looking for high school competency instructors, (math, english), as well as a computer trainer.

When I discussed the positions on the phone, I told the woman that I would be fine teaching any of the classes they offered, as I took English all the way into University. I was also an IT Manager so, they are more likely to put me to work with the computers.

At this point, I’m so eager to leave the house, and so desperate for money that I’m not too choosy about what I do. Since I left my bloodsucking corporate job, I’ve been looking for a job where I can help out people. I’m hoping this job works out.


I am a loser, as I didn’t realize that when I put pictures in here, they would be automatically uploaded into my livejournal. Well they were not that exciting anyway.

I just got off the phone with K8 Mitchell, (not a huge surprise), and she read me some stuff out of her old journals. Apparently she is big into making lists about herself and other bizarre topics. I found out all of the people she would trust her life with, which was frightening. I wouldn’t want to imagine which people I would trust my life with.

I just tried to call Jeremy, as I don’t feel like I’ve had enough contact with him over the past few days. I did talk to him today, but it was really only about boarding Clara, and how we were going to get too the Soo next week. Unfortunately his internet isn’t working right now, so he’s spending most of the time at the pool with a friend. I hope he’s having a good time.

The last time I really talked to him, he was telling me that he’s doesn’t really care anymore if he moves to California or not. I’m not sure why, as he was so gung ho about it before. Perhaps it is taking too long for them to get back to him, so he’s losing interest. It doesn’t matter to me any longer which happens, but I am realizing that I don’t enjoy being alone all the time.

I’m currently struggling to find a job, while at the same time sliding farther and farther into debt. I’ve applied to a few jobs that really interested me in the past few days, and I’m hoping to hear back from them soon. I’m afraid that they aren’t going to start calling people until next week , and I’ll miss the call.

Maybe some herbs are in order.

New CDs

I received some new CDs in the mail today. First let me preface by saying that as a CD addict I will often browse by the web pages of my favourite artists and record the dates of new CDs in my calendar. Well on one of these little trips around the web I found out that Ani had a new CD. It’s a live CD and sounds pretty good, much more like Living In Clip than So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter. Though I have always enjoyed Ani, her little dance into the world of jazz didn’t strike a chord with me. Her last album though Educated Guess was wonderful, and not jazzy at all… so I thought I’d take the plunge again.

Also, for a $1 more, I was able to get a sampler of 15 songs, which apparently comes with any order over $15, but the CD I ordered was only $10.

Check it all out at

New Software

I just received an update to the software I use for my journal on my computer. It’s called MacJournal, and I’ve been using it for awhile, but apparently now can interface with livejournal.

Let’s see!

I need a smoke


Well I’ve been alone now for two weeks, and have another week to go before Jeremy comes home. I’ve had a few visits, K8E came to visit on Sunday, and she took me back to Toronto for the afternoon. Yesterday Marianne came and picked me up and I hung out with her and Krissy for the night. It was nice, as there had been so many days with no human contact.

Unfortunately, I made a bit of a boo boo last night. I took a cab home last night after hanging out with Marianne, and I had a few too many refreshments while there. The cab driver was really into talking to me, but unfortunately, I could not hear him very well as both back windows were open. Anyway he was talking about going sky diving and playing paintball and stuff, so I just laughed along with his stories. Well he said something I couldn’t hear, so I just laughed and said, “Really that’s funny!”. and he looked into the rearview mirror and said, “No really, I lost my wife to cancer in June.” I didn’t know what to say, so just told him I was sorry to hear it.

Tonight was crappy, as I had no internet for the last few hours. I’d been waiting for an e-mail back from Andrew Spice, which has never come. I e-mailed him at the e-mail on his page, and he e-mailed me back once. I then e-mailed him back on the different address he responded on, but never received a response. I e-mailed him again the next day, and did not receive a response again. I had lost all hope until today, when my first e-mail was sent back to me. So I sent the first e-mail again to the first address that I knew worked. I am afraid that the two e-mails I sent scared him off and maybe he blocked me which made the bounce back. We’ll see.

Since I had nothing to do tonight, I wrote a new song. Here are the lyrics for those interested:


Did you really have to die
For the love of only one man
Did your flowers console you
Did you ever wonder why
He was never to return


Oh I know
Where you’ve been
To hell and back

Did you really have to leave
The only home you’ve ever known
You were never enough
For god nor man
Maybe you were too much


You never thought
He would chase you across the world
If he only loved you
When he had you to himself
You would never have abandoned him


Another song… at least I’m doing something productive with all the time on my hands.

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