Sorry for this.. i’m sure it’s boring. the scar you’re most proud of the bottom of my foot where i got a deep cut from a jagged rock your favourite condiment ketchup […]

New Job

Exciting news today. I got the job working at TriArch Educational Services. I am now a semi-teacher/instructor. I start on Tuesday after we get home from our trip to the Soo. I […]


I finally received an e-mail back from Andrew. I had initially thought that he was blowing me off, but, apparently he must not check or respond to his e-mails often. I don’t […]


Well, I’ve been trying my hardest to convince K8 Mitchell to move down here to Whitby and live with me after Jeremy leaves. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that she’ll come down, as, […]


It looks like Jeremy will be moving to California for sure now. He’ll be making really good money, but it’s going to be difficult for me living here alone. I guess I’m […]