Non-Agression Pact Is Only Aggressive Toward Canada

Russia and the United States of America have come together to renew a non-agression pact that seeks to create a new world peace by dividing up the Canadian portion of North America. Known as “The Great Handshake”, the move allows Russia to regain a foothold on the continent.

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Wentworth vs. Prisoner: Bea Smith

Wentworth is the highly successful modern adaptation of Australia’s 70s/80s cult classic Prisoner. In both series, Bea makes an impressive splash in both shows – but as fairly different characters. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT

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Electric Owl Vomits Eel Released!

Electric Owl Vomits Eel is Richtig’s hand picked favourites from his albums Second Son (2018), Technological Advances (2015), Earth Tones (2004) and Transition (2019). Includes 4 previously unreleased tracks from personal projects: Wave (Life In A Scat Filled Universe, 2005), Wonder (Prayer Flags 2006), Asian Moon (New Songs 2008) and Polyamory (Second Son Outtake 2018).

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On Writing: Chocolates & Unemployment

I have worked in variety of office environments. Among other things, I was always the coffee glutton of the office. I tried to offset this by being the person who made the coffee. I thought if I ensured there was always coffee for the other staff, I wouldn’t have to feel bad for drinking it all. What this actually did was create an endless supply of coffee.

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Wentworth Season 7 Finale: Who Dies, Who Survives

A look at the wrap of of Season 7 The Siege (PT 1 +2). What could this mean for the future of Wentworth? Warning: Spoiler Alert!

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Transition Released!

Transition, Kyle Richtig’s follow up to his 2018 album Second Son, has been released! Check it out on Bandcamp!

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New Album Transition to Debut in 2019

A year after the release of Second Son, Richtig is working on a new album. Transition follows Richtig’s journey away from his homeland into a new world.

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Alice Merton: Mint

German Canadian artist Alice Merton‘s first full length album “Mint” was released as a follow up to 2018’s No Roots EP. Merton’s release has immediately made its mark on Canadian music.

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Bat For Lashes Confesses “Laura” Origins

Fictitious News super fan Terra Reed, reached out to give us the exclusive scoop on the Bat for Lashes’ famous song “Laura”. She had an inside ear on the creation of the song at the time of its recording.

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Shit Poly People Hear (and what I think)

A guest post from one of our favourite polyamorous people, Matt!

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