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Category: Prank Monkey

Prank Monkey is written by Kyle Richtig. Kyle has always enjoyed making his own fun in the workplace. While he may not have employed all of the pranks in Prank Monkey, he enjoys dreaming up new ways of doling out justice in the office.

Prank Monkey

Prank Monkey #12

First, realize that this will ruin the whiteboard forever. That said, since flip chart markers are nearly identical to whiteboard markers, the trap is easy to set. Ensure that all whiteboard markers are replaced. This plays upon the psychology of the one who grabs for a marker. If they all look the same, their identity will go unquestioned. How often do you check the markers before you use them?

Fictitious News

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Evil People

Most people have difficulty keeping their New Year’s resolutions because they try to be better people than they are. Instead of pretending you are going to be better, thrive at […]

Prank Monkey

Prank Monkey #10

Disorganizing books or resources that are commonly used and require organization to be used effectively.

Prank Monkey

Prank Monkey #8

Change e-mail signatures’ telephone numbers off by one digit in the middle of the telephone and/or fax number.

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