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At Richtig Haus we love movies. This is a list of movies we have reviewed based on what we wanted to watch, not which movies are the newest or most popular.

We tend to watch a great deal of horror movies here, so be ready for adult themes and situations.

Movie Review
Movie Review

Ten Must See Horror Movies

We screen a lot of horror movies at Richtig Haus. Here are a list of some house hold favorites that have kept us coming back for more!

Movie Review

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck feels much like any other found footage movie. The difference, is that we already all know how this movie is going to end. 

Movie Review

Horror Movie Review: The Caretaker

The movie The Caretaker is described as a Halloween teen scream. This movie is available on Netflix, which appropriately gives it a one star rating. What was most surprising, were the […]

Movie Review

Horror Movie Review: The Woman

I love stories of feral children and adults, which is what drew me to this movie. I have always found the idea of humans returning to a place of instinct […]

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