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Kyle Richtig Journal
Kyle Richtig Journal


I’ve been really busy over the last week or so with work. I never thought that teaching people would be so incredibly draining. I guess it’s not really the teaching […]

Kyle Richtig Journal


I’m trying to record a new song. Why won’t it work?

Kyle Richtig Journal


Jeremy left this morning to go to California yet again. I was looking forward to having the house to myself, but after having him around for the last three weeks […]

Kyle Richtig Journal


Today we went out to look at cars this morning. We went to seven or eight dealerships, and it was incredibly draining. We ran into a really bad salesman that […]

Kyle Richtig Journal

More Money

I found out today that I will be starting full time soon. It may not be soon enough, but I have a definite date of August 30th. They want me […]

Kyle Richtig Journal


We went to Marianne’s tonight for a barbeque, which was nice. I enjoy having other people cook for me. I also enjoyed the free BTs. Jeremy and I helped to […]

Kyle Richtig Journal


I woke up this morning and still thought it was the weekend. I was terribly disappointed when I realized that I had to return to work today. I’ve only worked […]

Kyle Richtig Journal


I can’t believe that it is August already. I had many things I wanted to do this summer that I never got around to. I guess there is always next […]

Kyle Richtig Journal


It’s another overcast day, where it’s not sunny but not cloudy. It’s gross.


Sorry for this.. i’m sure it’s boring. the scar you’re most proud of the bottom of my foot where i got a deep cut from a jagged rock your favourite […]

Day One

I started today at TriArch, which was great. It was much more exciting than when I started at The Weed Man, or The Durham Contact Centre. God knows that it […]

Home Again

We’re back in Whitby finally. We got to the Soo on Thursday and camped out in my Mom’s backyard. There were four tents in total, as there was one for […]

New Job

Exciting news today. I got the job working at TriArch Educational Services. I am now a semi-teacher/instructor. I start on Tuesday after we get home from our trip to the […]


I went back this morning to rewrite the road rules portion of my driver’s test. Of course, this test was even harder than the first, and dealt with some information […]

Driver’s Test

I hauled my ass over to Oshawa today to take my driver’s test… yes, 11 years after I have been able to. You would think that after 27 years of […]

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