New CDs

I received some new CDs in the mail today. First let me preface by saying that as a CD addict I will often browse by the web pages of my favourite artists and record the dates of new CDs in my calendar. Well on one of these little trips around the web I found outContinue reading “New CDs”

New Software

I just received an update to the software I use for my journal on my computer. It’s called MacJournal, and I’ve been using it for awhile, but apparently now can interface with livejournal. Let’s see! I need a smoke


Well I’ve been alone now for two weeks, and have another week to go before Jeremy comes home. I’ve had a few visits, K8E came to visit on Sunday, and she took me back to Toronto for the afternoon. Yesterday Marianne came and picked me up and I hung out with her and Krissy forContinue reading “Lonely”

First entry.

Well since K8 has been bugging me forever to start a live journal I thought I might as well appease her. Damn she’s a pushy girl.