Interviews with Personality Assessments

Employers today understand that the “fit” of an individual in their environment is as important as the skills they bring to the table. The personality of new employees can either enhance or hinder the existing employment environment, thus more employers utilize personality related questions and exercises to determine the viability of the candidate in theirContinue reading “Interviews with Personality Assessments”

Guerrilla Job Search

Résumés, cover letters and references are all standard items utilized in job search. Many people, once they have created these documents, believe that their work is done, and that the documents will sell themselves. While this is often true for individuals who have strong résumés and experience, it is not the case for everyone. ThisContinue reading “Guerrilla Job Search”

Avoiding Employment Scams

Job seekers are often desperate for income. This scenario leaves the group open to groups who would seek to exploit them. Different layers of scams exist, which can be difficult to separate from other desirable postings. 

4 Dreaded Interview Questions

One of the paralyzing issues for job seekers are interview questions. Applicants are often unsure how to answer questions, and are afraid of how to make their disadvantages an advantage. The questions that interviewers use have changed over the years; as has the way we attack them.

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