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3 Men 1 House is the story of three men in a polymorous relationship. Here we post information on polyamory resources, personalities and resources.

3 Men 1 House started during a time when polyamory was becoming a reality at Richtig Haus. Read the story of Kyle (Paul), Randy (Edward) and Andrew (Charles) in these posts.

T.V. Review
3 Men 1 House

Right Wing Polyamory

I have a service that sends me information on new articles about polyamory. Today, I received one titled “Polyamory Rights” published on Rightwing News. I do not consider myself right wing […]

3 Men 1 House

3 Men, 1 Obsession

In our house there is one thing we can all agree upon: RuPaul’s Drag Race. I will first state that none of us are drag queens. Though, if we were, […]

3 Men 1 House

3 Men, 1 House and 0 Cars

One week ago we had two cars. With the three of us working such different hours and in different cities, it was required. Since yesterday we have been stranded at […]

3 Men 1 House

Get To Know Each Other Game

When the three of us first met, there were fireworks. There was also a great amount of hesitation, fear and emotional turmoil. It was difficult to find the time to […]

3 Men 1 House

3 Men 1 House: The Move In

Today was moving day for Charles. Charles and I did the moving while Edward made sure there was room at home. It was a quick affair, and took no more […]

3 Men 1 House

3 Men and a New Plan

We got a text message from Charles’ landlord stating that the new tenant was hopeful to move in this weekend, a few days shy of the 1st of October. Since […]

3 Men 1 House

3 Men, 1 Illness, and a Move-In Date

All of us have been battling a cold this past week. It, combined with my penitence for barometric related sinus issues, has made for a challenging few days. Charles was […]

3 Men 1 House

The Poly Closet

I never expected myself to be “in the closet” again. I came out as gay with my first marriage when I was 23. I had grown up with gay uncles […]

3 Men 1 House

3 Men 1 Internet Connection

Today iOS 7 was launched. It is a fantastic update, but with three iPads and two iPhones in the house it started a bandwidth war.

3 Men 1 House

Who’s Daddy?

We all have complicated relationships with our parents. I believe, however, homosexual individuals often have greater difficulty identifying with their same sex parent. In a way, the same sex parent […]

T.V. Review

Polyamory: Married and Dating

I loved the first season of Polyamory: Married and Dating (P:M&D). I watched it several times, and introduced it to Edward before we began our polyamorous journey. I have been in […]

3 Men 1 House

3 Men No Sleep

There has definitely been an adjustment to the rhythm of the house with Charles’ addition. Both Edward and Charles have fierce night owl tendencies that I do not share. My […]

3 Men 1 House

How Can 3 Men Live Together?

There is an interested quirk of compatibility that brings Edward, Charles and I together. Edward and I have had an interest in psychology for many years. I became certified in […]

Beyond the Bed

Charles was delighted by his new room. I don’t think I have ever seen him so happy before. What is telling, was his mother’s reaction:

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