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Prank Monkey #23

Pour a bottle of perfume or cologne of the opposite sex in the corner. Advertisements

America, Great Again

Sometimes it takes very little to make a statement. It can be falsehoods or truth. It can just be a few strokes.

Movie Review

Horror Movie Review: Rings

The move The Ring premiered in 2002 when many people still had VCRs and the idea of a haunted video tape was relatable. Rings, the third instalment of the series was released […]

Richtig Haus Music Reviews

Moby: Play

Moby’s album Play has the dubious honour of being successful due to its licensing, rather than from radio exposure. This approach allowed the album to penetrate the background of culture […]

Fictitious News

Donald Trump Targets Tim Hortons

Washington, D.C. POTUS Donald Trump has once again taken to Twitter to voice his concerns over foreign invaders. This time Trump has his eye on Canada. To make good on […]

3 Men 1 House

3 Men 1 Bathroom

Polyamory has many benefits. It also has some drawbacks – more people fighting for the same resources in the home.  It’s a tenuous balance.

T.V. Review

Game of Thrones: Theory I

Game of Thrones is one of today’s most popular shows. Here at Richtig Haus we have watched and rewatched all of the seasons multiple times. In fact, many of the […]

Richtig Haus Music Reviews

Culture Club: Colour By Numbers

I was introduced to Colour By Numbers in 1983 by my mother. It was of course her record; however, all that we do affects our children. Boy George and Culture […]

Fictitious News

Wentworth: The Musical (2018)

The world’s favourite prison is debuting on the big screen in the fall of 2018. Wentworth: The Musical already has critics speculating about which of the ever changing cast will […]

T.V. Review

Room For One More: Polyamory in Television

In recent years, polyamory has found its way onto television. Spanning genres, polyamory has found a home on several of today’s biggest shows. Has polyamory become a funny addition, or […]

T.V. Review

Wentworth: The Many Deaths of Joan Ferguson

Disgraced former Governor of Wentworth Joan Ferguson is a villain people love to hate. From her appearance at the beginning of Season 2, Joan is an exquisitely calculated character. The […]

Prank Monkey

Prank Monkey #18

People display framed photos in the office of their significant others, children and family to keep them close during their work day. Another way of looking at these photos is […]