The Path of Sacred Roots

Over the past six months, I’ve been working on a new business amongst the stress of moving to a new province. With the power (and sometimes confines) of Etsy, we now have a platform for which to launch.

We chose the name Sacred Roots ~ Ritual Crafting Company as the moniker for our new business. We have a deep appreciation at Richtig Haus for the olde ways and have acquired many skills throughout our respective journeys. So far, I have brought my jewellery making and weaving skills to the shop. I am working on a line of glycerin soaps  using essential oils with corresponding magical resonance and information. For non-Wiccans, they will simply be a great gift items with amazing aromas.

New soap scents in testing mode.

I am working on six scent combinations that may also be used for candles made by Randy or bath bombs made by Andrew. The six scents that I am working on are:

  1. Invigorating Lime (above)
  2. Man of the Woods (above)
  3. Night Ritual
  4. The Musician
  5. Healing Heart
  6. Forest Spirit

So far, I have only completed trials of the first four, and most of them still need some work. Man of the Woods has turned out well, but I need a better saturation of oils to soap. Night Ritual smells great, however, it is not right for what I am going for. I need to tweak the ratio of the essential oils to bring forward the scents I am looking to feature. Healing Heart and Forest Spirit are still conceptual. I hope to have first tester runs done soon!

Back to the lab!


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