Testing New Products!

Sacred Roots has completed its move to Moncton, and is now in production mode! We are now testing new scent recipes for candles and soaps.

Founded in the spring of 2018, Sacred Roots is committed to creating useful and unique products for all purposes. We are there whether you are looking for a gift for a friend or the self, or if you are looking for crafting tools and supplies.

New soap scents in testing mode.

Two of the six new scents are already in testing mode. Invigorating Lime and Man of the Woods are made with glycerin soap and essential oils. We use 100% essential oils in our soaps to avoid the reactions some experience from fragrance oils. Sacred Roots’ soap maker is Kyle Richtig. He also is the current resident jewelry maker.

Randy Nicholas is our candle maker. He has sold out of his multi-scented rainbow jar candles, and is currently working on some new ideas. Watch for new options available for home and ritual.

If you are looking for personal care products (other than soap), Andrew Moore is our guy. He is currently tweaking a formula for a shaving cream and is going to be working on more bath bombs and washes.

Check out the Sacred Roots Etsy Store for what is currently available. More items will be added as they are made!


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