Prank Monkey #23

Pour a bottle of perfume or cologne of the opposite sex in the corner.

There is nothing worse (especially for those with scent allergies) than the overwhelming scent of cologne or perfume. By choosing the cologne of the opposite sex, the chance of being accused is greatly reduced. Be careful not to get the scent on you when you are distributing it. Otherwise, you have inadvertently placed a beacon on yourself.

Though the scent will affect many people, you may wish to target an individual by pouring the cologne or perfume in a location closest to them. If you match the gender of the perfume or cologne to your target, others in the office may begin to pin the crime on your target. The target may get their coworkers to believe they are not at fault the first time. If it continues to happen, their credibility will diminish significantly.

In a pinch, cleaners work when cologne or perfume is not readily available. Discount varieties of cleaners often have the worst scents. Bleach is a handy alternative that can be spread and wiped on surfaces. They do not remain wet, but retain their scent.

* Floral based perfumes are the best at being both obnoxious and serving as an allergy trigger. Choose the most pungent aromas that your local department store’s discount bin has to offer after the holidays.


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