3 Men 1 Bathroom

Polyamory has many benefits. It also has some drawbacks – more people fighting for the same resources in the home.  It’s a tenuous balance.

In any relationship there is a natural give and take. For only children, adult relationships require sharing of primary resources often for the first time. Sharing a bedroom for the first time can be an awkward situation for anyone. In polyamorous relationships, particularly the live-in variety, these situations become exacerbated.

Our house is over 100 years old and only has one bathroom. In the mornings where all three of us need to get ready for a relatively similar time, things can get chaotic. It is particularly challenging when some of us have not had any coffee, and others may not have had their morning dose of nicotine. Sighs often ensue when someone does not get the bathroom immediately. It’s not that our bathroom is a magical wonderland to covet. It is simply the only place to get your business done.

For the most part there are no other resources that create a natural divide between us. I wonder if it is the baseness of the bathroom. We all needed to use bathrooms before we had the need for others in our lives. For other polyamorous groups that have more than one bathroom, other resources may come between them.

Let us know what items your family fight over and how they resolve these conflicts.


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