Prank Monkey #19

When food expires at home, leave it in the staff refrigerator.

This prank is two fold. Firstly the expired food will, if chosen correctly, smell up the refrigerator. A smelly refrigerator is unpleasant for everyone. If you are simply looking for a smelly fridge and don’t want the guilt of expired food – think malt vinegar. You can accidentally knock over a jar of malt vinegar from the top shelf, and dance with glee as it rains down on the other shelves. Continue if you can handle bringing in expired food.

A secondary bonus are consequences for the individuals who steal the food of others. Food thieves often appear in offices with a large staff and low wages. If this is a problem around the office, explore your imagination and perhaps put spoiled food in containers that indicate it is not expired. Think yoghurt.

Food poisoning results in diarrhea, vomiting, and death in extreme cases. Recently expired items should be less toxic than those that have been hiding at the back of the refrigerator for six months. If someone wants to steal your expired food, they get what they are taking their lives into their own hands.



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