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Wentworth: The Many Deaths of Joan Ferguson

Disgraced former Governor of Wentworth Joan Ferguson is a villain people love to hate. From her appearance at the beginning of Season 2, Joan is an exquisitely calculated character. The cliffhanger of Season 5 leaves us wondering whether or not she is gone for good.

Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) was last seen buried alive after her escape from Wentworth. She appears to have lost all of her allies and has no recourse but to accept her fate. This is not the only time Joan has faced her mortality and survived.

#1 Blood and Fire

Season 3 – Episode 12

Joan’s last act as Governor is to save Doreen’s baby Josh. She covers up her evidence by starting a fire, before realizing she and Josh are trapped in the blaze. After much drama, she is saved from the flames.

#2 Prisoner

Season 4 – Episode 3

Joan is attacked by Lucy and her crew while in the shower. The attack appeared vicious enough for her to be in a pool of blood; however she was miraculously healed by the next episode.

#3 Plan Bea

Season 4 – Episode 8

Joan attempts to kill Bea, but is stopped by Kaz and her crew. Joan has her arm put in the fryer, but not her head.

#4 The Pact

Season 5 – Episode 7

Allie saves up drugs in an attempt to give Joan a “hot shot”. Like each other near death experience for Ferguson, it fails.

#5 Coup De Grace

Season 5 – Episode 11

Joan has reached the end of her influence at Wentworth. Prisoners and staff are all against her – Regional Director Channing does not bat an eyelash when the rest of the women lynch her. Joan swings from her neck from the basketball hoop, but is once again saved. This time by Vera.

#6 Hell Bent

Season 5 – Episode 12

The burial of Joan. The sixth instalment in the assassination of Joan Ferguson. Alone she screams in her wooden box.

It’s difficult to know at this point whether or not Pamela Rabe will reprise her role as Joan Ferguson in the sixth season of Wentworth. Bea Smith remained in the grave. Many legacy characters have left as of Season 5: Bea, Doreen, Lucy, Fletch and Joan(?). With Franky on the run and Wentworth in the hands of Channing, will Season 6 be a new show?





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