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Prank Monkey #18

People display framed photos in the office of their significant others, children and family to keep them close during their work day. Another way of looking at these photos is opportunity.

People, as a rule, do not like to lose face. Exploiting this weakness is as simple as subtlety. Effort equates commitment, to which an individuals may be able to rationalize an attack upon them.  Messing up an office makes sense when an employee has been fired or demoted. Changing the mundane comes with no rational explanation.

Target individuals who have framed pictures of similar size. Simply exchange the photos in the frames and either:

a. Replace frames back to same location they were found.
b. Move frames to original position of the photo.

This is particularly subtle when performed on a twin photo frame. The pictures only move to the left or right, leaving the viewer to try and remember how they ordered them in the first place. Even though the pictures are on their desk, often they become background images that are only noticed once something is different.

While the staff member will realize something has happened, they may not instantly put together the facts of what happened. At a minimum they will feel something is different. If they do have the capacity to match feeling and deed, they will likely have little to say lest they sound crazy. After all, who would go out of their way to switch photos in frames? To what end would they do this?

*Extra credits… one week later:

1. Turn photos upside down in frames.

2. Go online and find different pictures of the loved ones and replace in the frames.

3. Replace pictures in all frames with copies of the same photo of either the CEO or HR Manager.




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