Polyamory in a Conservative World

Polyamory is a challenging concept for the world at large to accept in its present paradigm. In Canada, we are afford a great deal of latitude with regards to relationships, sexual orientation and household residents. With the ongoing fascist backlash with regard to Muslims, one wonders if the world is heading into a next generation holocaust.

Troubling things are happening in the world. In Chechnya homosexuals are under attack. Transsexuals face legal discrimination and terror the world over. ‘Muslim Extremists’ seem to be blamed for any form of public disturbance. Polyamory exists in a grey area between sexual orientation and relationship. Will this be a new scapegoat?

This question arises when I think about telling people about being polyamorous. I know that polyamory transcends barriers of sexual orientation, making it both relatable and foreign at the same time. Many I have discussed it with find it difficult to understand. While much of this surrounds issues surrounding jealousy exclusively, it is often met out with questions such as: It doesn’t bother you that you have to share?

I have two issues with this question. First I wonder why sharing is a bad thing. Secondly, I feel as if it is framed in a way wherein I should feel different. I feel as if the individual believes that most naturally share the same feelings or viewpoint. Whether they do or not, it underscores the notion that our society expects a certain arrangement. It is mirrored in the media, religious pulpits and advertising.

Proposed travel bans, cyclical elections and white supremacist groups are popping up in the most unusual of places. When fascism arose in Europe in the early 20th century, it was met with disbelief. At a time when the world appeared to have moved into a modern age, an age of autocracy replaced the dying embers of empire. Now in a time when democracy is more and more limited, and decisions are made based on what benefits economy over humanity, what will arise next? Could current freedoms be rescinded?

It’s difficult to tease apart whether polyamory is a movement of its own, as it transcends issues of race, sexual orientation and gender. With more visible and divisive issues buzzing in the media, are we able to fly just enough under the radar?



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