Prank Monkey #17

Father’s Day Special

The classic song “Cat’s in the Cradle” explores the relationship between a workaholic father and his son. Enjoy singing this throughout the office: coffee station, photocopier, reception, etc. There is no wrong place to start!

This is the perfect song to sing during the week before and after Father’s Day. In the ideal scenario it will make your co-workers re-examine the relationships with their own children, or the one they received from their own father.

If done correctly, others in the office may absentmindedly begin to sing the song as well.

Go The Extra Mile: Suggest to people that the song should be updated to “Pokémon Go! and the Silver Spoon, Little Boy Blue and a Sharknado room”, to increase personal identification with the song.

*Use your own musical knowledge to choose other songs that may complement this idea. Remember to try and choose songs that others may already know from the radio, or from popular releases. This allows the listeners to identify with the song. The potential for the song being stuck in your target’s head thus increases.



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