Prank Monkey #16

Have bizarre catalogues delivered.

Catalogues come in two varieties:

  1. specialized – catalogues that adhere to a specialized theme (i.e. Christian, medical equipment).
  2. broad – big box store or airplane catalogues.

Broad based catalogues are filled with so many products, that there is no embarrassment to be found. Thus, this negates any purpose to the broad based catalogue.

The catalogue you choose to order for  your target can either be funny or cruel depending on their fears. Specific catalogues illuminate their recipients’ needs and/or desires. Whomever receives the mail at the office will be required to connect the individual with the catalogue. Whether or not they will spread the information to coworkers will depend on the individual.

Order catalogues such as:

•wigs – a female wig catalogue for a male employee makes for a good conversation piece.

•geriatric supplies – better used for individuals who are middle aged.

•adult toys – no restrictions.

•brides – best used on male employees.

•guns (the bigger the better) – no restrictions.

•exotic dancers/escorts – no restrictions.

•industrial cleaners – is there a quiet employee in the office that keeps to themselves? What could they need to clean with such powerful cleaners?

•farm animal equipment – more pivotal in a metropolitan core.

•religious paraphernalia – no restrictions, particularly around the religion in question.

•funeral pre-need pamphlets – more bang for your buck if they come from multiple sources.



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