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New Chapbook: The Sun On My Palm

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New Chapbook: The Sun On My Palm

Just released! Kyle Richtig’s first chapbook in over a year and a half, The Sun On My Palm is available for free download.

The Sun On My Palm is a collection of poetry (and one flash fiction piece for fun), representing Kyle Richtig’s continued mission to describe the world around him.

Download Here


Ripples Unimpeded (previously published on Richtig Haus)
The Ghost of Haida Gwaii
Kainotophobia Amongst the Arachnids
Too Alone to Connect
The Day the Energy Turned from Death, to Birth, to Death
Never Become a Household Name (previously published on Richtig Haus)
A Platonic Sky
Cosmic Atom
Mother Particle
Haikus – On Screen (1-18)
Audioception (I-VI)
Jolivia and Olel (previously published on Richtig Haus)



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  1. […] I released The Sun On My Palm, I have had several people ask me the story behind the poem, Kaintophobia Amongst the Arachnids. […]

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