Prank Monkey #15

Remove sticky notes from surfaces and re-adhere with super glue.

Electronic devices have yet to replace the sticky note in the office. Many people cover their computer monitors, as well as any other flat surface, with sticky notes of dates, to dos, telephone numbers, etc. Industrious organizers may even use different coloured sticky notes to segment information.

Carefully remove each of your target’s sticky notes individually, and replace with super glue on the adhesive strip. It may take time before the target removes the note and finds the trap. The more of the notes that are adhered with super glue, the lower the probability the target will assume foul play.

For added fun, super glue sections of your target’s sticky note pad. Flip to a random sections and add a drop of super glue to the middle of the sheet. Those who rely on their sticky notes will not only be irritated, but they will know someone has tampered with their supply. Watch for looks of suspicion.



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