Prank Monkey #14

Leave “soda pop bombs” for refrigerator thieves.

Every office has a refrigerator thief. They enjoy taking the items that we dream all morning of eating. While it may be refrigerator thievery out of necessity (no food at home), that doesn’t mean you aren’t doing them a favour by balancing out their karma for them.

Purchase a can of name brand pop and shake it as much as you possibly can. Place it in the staff refrigerator and hope for the best. Visit the can often and shake it violently. While this prank may take a few days to work. It likely will.

Be creative. Move the can to different places of the refrigerator if it is not catching the thief’s eyes.

Be patient. Refrigerator thieves are not necessarily always on the hunt. Try implementing your prank toward the end of a pay cycle (a day or two before everyone gets paid). Some will only take the pop after it appears it has been abandoned in the refrigerator (a few days or weeks).

Be inventive. Try different flavours of pop if the first does not bring about desired results.



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