Prank Monkey #13

Cabinet keys belong in the garbage.

It should be self-evident that you must lock the cabinet before disposing of the keys. Be sure to remove any relevant items you may require before tossing the keys. Choose a receptacle in a common area in case the keys are found.

This has the potential to drive others crazy. Some may drive themselves to distraction trying to locate the keys they need. They will, however, never check the garbage. Why would they have left them there?

Other suggested keys to discard:

•front door
•toilet paper roll (if the large rolls are used)
•cash drawer
•storage room

Be sure to keep this trick in the back pocket for your needs. Close to a deadline and nowhere near finished your project? Lock the cabinet with the files and toss the keys. It’s just that simple. Remember that if you are the only one that uses the cabinet/etc., that you will be forced to shoulder the blame. Of course, no one will think you did it on purpose.


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