The Marriage of Two Worlds

I’ve often thought
About the chocolate bridge,
The cultural tie that fuses
The old world with the new.

The humid shores that raised empires
Sheltered the tree
In whose beans slept a secret
Of measured human happiness.

For millennia the peoples of these shores
Captured and fermented the yield
And interwove a dependency
Of the bitter drink.

And all the while across the world
With milky white hands pulling forth
The white virgin liquid who knew not
The dark betrothal that awaited.

The white lady was born to nourish
And nurture the children
Of a cold land buried in snow
And of a people burdedned with despair.

And these worlds collided
Across the blue the land lay red,
And the dark suitor stolen
Back to the kingdoms in frigid white.

There they married.
And she took him inside her
To create the drink
That warmed the heardt and the senses.

He took her into him
And she smoothed his edges
CAlming his impact
And intorducing him to the children.

For he was west
And she was east
And together they married
The traditions of two worlds.


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