Theologians Baffled by Prophetic Image in 2015’s Final Days

Peterborough, ON – Theologians from around the world have been flocking to a small city in Ontario to see the latest prophetic image to appear. The image of Betty White mysteriously developed in the early evening of December 27th, 2015. 
Shop owner Samuel Conkey discovered the image after a leaky pipe created a puddle on his floor. “There was nothing when I first found the puddle. I fixed the pipe, and when I came back to clean up the water [Betty White’s image] had appeared.”, confessed a bewildered Conkey to local reporters.

The image has been saved so far with a covering of plastic wrap while Conkey seeks advice on transferring the image. Conkey is hoping to increase traffic at his Peterborough Square store with the image.

“The Shroud of Turin has increased tourists wherever it travels. Perhaps a Betty White Shroud of Peterborough, could do wonders for our local economy.”, local Tanya Lacasse said as she waited in the cold morning of December 28th outside Peterborough Square.

Lines formed at all entrances of the downtown shopping centre to view the image. Mall officials were held accountable by fire marshals as hundreds scrambled to see White’s smiling face.

Betty White’s team was not available for immediate comment.



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