Trump Announces “Trump University 2.0”

U.S. entrepreneur and presidential hopeful Donald Trump announces a plan to open “Trump University 2.0” in a bold speech to Americans.

Trump University is the newest endeavour of Donald Trump in a career of shocking comebacks. Trump is vocal about his dedication to education and has committed to open  a university to promote the American Dream to a new generation of Americans.

Pressure is mounting after many regard this as either a publicity stunt, or another foray into The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative fiasco. An unlikely ally, actor Gary Busey (Lethal Weapon, Silver Bullet), has endorsed both Trump and his educational move. Trump and Busey found a meeting of the minds regarding the direction of the curriculum, and its administration by Busey.

“There are four pillars to what we call ‘Trumpology’. Dedication, tenacity, real American History, and creative accounting make up our core.” Busey commented to reporters. Prior to Busey pandering to the cameras with his best Chad Michaels impersonation (video below). “We have really lost the beat in this country. We are going to fit the capitol with an up do!”

Rumours have circulated regarding Busey as Vice President material. It is unknown at this time if his tenure with Trump University will precede his potential term in office.



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