Hear ye, hear ye!
All who live in blindness
In blissful canoes that float
On surfaces of suffering
Listen and open up
All who embrace slavery
As a matter of course
Fictionalized as history past
The book has gotten rusty
In storms of acidified thought
Collected like jars of sunlight
Time now lost to memory
And the realization stings
The past never ends

You are cordially invited
To a party of revolution
Where the blindness sees light
Blurry shapes form in confusion
Newborn eyes unstained by lies
Can see the truth unfiltered
That terror is a social construct
A contemporary of religion
Children of the monetary system
Tools to keep the herd in check
Though the pasture is bleaching
And the sun is bleeding
Through holes in our minds

Please RSVP at your convenience
If you are ready to wake and stop
Drinking the potions of patriarchy
Feasting on souls in blood buffets
Organized in elite power struggles
Over elaborately complex systems
Designed to marginalize and oppress
Everything not arbitrarily annointed
By those who presume to rule
Even in the face of demise
And the absence of integrity
And the loss of reality

You are uninvited
If you cling to supreme notions
That racism is justified by fear
And that classism is justified
By fictions of upward mobility
Like an ant could climb a waterfall
Or a planet could sustain economy
Or history could be seen as truth
Or ignorance could be educated
The revolutionary sharpens his pencil
Prepares to write in the dark
Hoping for a willing ear
Hungry for more than money

The celebration of Aquarius
So impossibly far off in time
Burns a long awaited desire
In the mind of a radical
But you’re invited to the party
Where hate no longer governs
Where freedom is no longer
Just a commodity on sale
Traded and borrowed by the rich
Watered down to toxic for the poor
In trickle-down theories of fairness
And dreams bathed in coins
Like us all.

Randy Edward Nicholas

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