Pacified with a bit of honey
The eminent compatability of youth
Invisible advantages bestowed
In swarms of privilege like bees
The sweet tooth of a new prophecy
Promising more of the same.

Amplified by the whistle of wind
Birds scattered in confusion
Like swarms of disillusioned souls
How slowly progress tends to move
How steep the cost of waiting
For a promise of more of the same.

Distracted by ingenious designs
In rooms stuffed with electricity
The world spins and whispers wind
On the other side of walls
On the other side of reality
The other side of more of the same.

Gentrified with illusory facades
A coat of paint on the shops
Another on the skins of the people
Poverty displaced and concentrated
Power stolen and consolidated
In promises of more of the same.

Pacified with a bit of money
Trickled down from towering laws
Spoken as absolutes in chaos
And nobody recognizes the comedy
Of elective chances to flip a coin
And wait for more of the same.

Randy Edward Nicholas


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