Free Download: Zwei Liebes

I came across this song the other day while cleaning up my music library. This song was based off a poem I wrote in 1995 about a polymorous relationship I was in. 

The crux of the poem/song was that I was now being asked to choose between my partners. The back and forth of sharing had weighed down on both of them, as well as their own familial ideology did. Download the song here: Zwei Liebes

The poem was written in 1995. The song was recorded on an old laptop using Garageband back in 2005. Now releasing it in 2015 seems like the conclusion of the cycle. While recorded with subpar skills/equipment, my hope is that the feelings of this song may help out some of the young polys.


Can I find love in this crazy delusional world
For only one; not both?
Does anyone have any experience?
Deal with it all
Love him although he loves all others
Love her she loves you too
Too many times I’ve needed them both
Why so much need?

Can they choose either?
Don’t choose the other
Can they choose either?
Don’t choose the other
I need you to love me
If I didn’t hurt without you
You’d be gone and
So would I.

Love me back as I reach for you
Kiss me until I die from lack of air
I need to feel you beside me
I need to fell you around me
I long to have you to myself
I share both of you with the other
My heart is not made of ice
Rather an ember blown white hot for two

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