Most humorous deaths of Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

While I love all the deaths in Sharknado 3, these are my six favourite:

1) April (Tara Reid) makes a sad attempt to save the life guard (Chris Kirkpatrick) after a shark slides down and ends up in the pool. April pulls out her chainsaw hand and just stands there while the lifeguard is being eaten. April’s mother May (Bo Derek) tells her they need to go some where safe cause April is pregnant. April says she could have saved him…. I don’t think so.

2) April is on a roller roaster ride with the ride attendant (Chris Jericho) looking for her daughter. She is tracking her daughters phone that she left on the ride. Fin (Ian Ziering) ends up meeting them there. A shark ends up on the track and is coming near the seats and the attendant is telling them a shark is coming. Fin is asking April why she is putting her pregnant self in danger. She replies “you not the only hero in the family”. As this is being said the attendant is being eaten. My question is if one or both of them is the hero why were they not trying to safe him. They must have forgot.

3) Another funny death is when Lucas (Frankie Muniz) gets left behind to stay with Nova’s (Cassie Scerbo) trailer while Nova and Fin are in a two person plane. They watch as Lucas is heading back to the trailer. As he reaches it, a shark bites and takes his leg. He tries to open the door to the trailer and a shark takes one of his arms. He gets on the top of the trailer and is trying to reach for a button he looses his other hand and has to use his head to hit the self-destruction button blowing up him and some sharks. Why is this funny other than realizing how much the sharks hated Frankie Muniz? After the explosion, Nova freaks out saying they need to go save Lucas who is already dead and starts threatening the sharks.

4) Claudia (Ryan Newman) and Billy (Jack Griffo) are on top of NASA shooting sharks in the sky. Claudia apologizes for their first date being so horrible. They run out of ammunition so they go to find somewhere to hide. Just before they enter the building Billy kissed Claudia and after she goes in he turns and sees a shark coming right at him. He freezes backs into the door and all you see is blood seeping through the door. Truly was the worst first date ever.

5) Jerry Springer playing tourist Mr. White was quite a laugh. He’s looking for someone to take a picture of him under a fake upside down shark. When he gets under the shark it eats him, because it’s not actually fake.

6) Lastly we have this fake plastic Universal Studio guide named Babs (Kim Richards). We watch Fin and the gang steal the sports car that was for some prize. She sees them leaving and chases them saying “You can’t take the car! I will lose my job!”, and then a shark lands on her. Can someone tell me how a guide from universal studios has that much money to make their face look that awful. Kim Richards it’s called forever 21 not forever 51. The older you get the more you look like Keith Richards.


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