Canadian Political Dogs and Cats

It has been reported that dogs and cats have put their differences aside in the coming election.

Dogs and cats unite over politics.

The dogs typically back the Liberals. The Liberal Party has been loyal as Canada’s longest reigning party. The St. Bernard‘s are particularly vocal, because they miss Canada’s foreign aid reputation.

The NDP generally finds favour with cats. The NDP fights to protect the resources of Canada by chasing down the invading rats. Cats worry about employment for their masters. Delicious cans of wet food are expensive.

The dogs and cats are equally opposed to an ongoing Conservative government. In a collective statement, the dogs and cats issued the following:

“Most of us were born under this oppressive regime. Please save our future generations. We do not have the ability to vote. You do. Make change where you can.”

Dogs and cats have made an agreement to back each other wherever one of their members has the most support. Watch for dogs and cats bearing campaign signs in the weeks preceding the election.



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