Safety Awareness for Young Workers

Young workers are not always aware of the health and safety expectations of their employers. Employers have a duty to ensure the well-being of their employees with respect to foreseeable issues and dangerous products in the workplace. To help educate young workers, the Industrial Accident Prevention Associate and the Workers Health and Safety Centre have developed information with the support of the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board.
The top seven “things you’d better know!” are:

1. What you don’t know can hurt you…

Employers and supervisors are required to make all employees aware of the hazards in the workplace. Each year thousands of young workers are hurt on the job because they are not aware of the required safety equipment and/or measures necessary to complete the job. Always ask if the job or environment feels unsafe.

2. What you do know can save your life…

Understanding and recognizing the hazards in your workplace is the best way to protect yourself from harm. The four categories of hazards are physical, biological, chemical and ergonomic.

3. The Law Protects…

Most workers are protected under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). The Ministry of Labour enforces the Occupational Health and Safety Act and has the power to inspect workplaces and investigate accidents. .

4. The Law Expects…

It is required that employers ensure that you receive health and safety training, and to inform you of any new or ongoing hazards in the workplace. Both employers and supervisors are also responsible for ensuring that you are following the law, working safely and using required safety equipment.

5. You Can Expect…

Every employer has a different method of providing health and safety training. You must receive (where applicable):

• General workplace safety information and/or training
• Specific safety training
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Hygiene and Emergency Facilities
• Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

6. You Must Report…

Always seek First Aid & appropriate medical attention before reporting any injuries. Any injuries or illnesses that are a direct result of your working environment must be reported to the employer or supervisor. This will prevent others from also becoming injured. Injuries must also be reported so that proper documentation can be established at the employer level.

7. Don’t gamble with your health and safety…

Never rely on someone else to ensure your safety. All employers and supervisors are human, and mistakes are made. Know where emergency exits and equipment are, and ask questions when unsure of issues. Know your environment! Check out: The Right to Refuse Work.

Health and safety awareness is required for all industries. Hazards may exist in any environment. Talk to your employer or Joint Health & Safety Committee before beginning new jobs or tasks.



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